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Limousin cattle are a breed of highly muscled beef cattle originating from the Limousin and Marche regions of France.  The Limousin is large, fine and has a strong boned frame and are early-maturing breed, Limousins naturally produce young, but mature, lean beef in the medium weight range. 


Goss Limousin starts the 2024 new year off with a private treaty purchase of the only known 2 time National Grand Champion Fullblood Limousin female, TLSE SARAH. Purchase from Evans Limousin.

We are excited to have her and looking forward to the addition of her amazing unmatched champion genetics with our progressive breeding program.

Took Ms Sarah out today, 3-3-24, for a nice trim and walk. She’s still got it.

Like fine wine, older the better. Embryos coming soon.


Docility is extremely important in our genetics

For Sale

Semen & Embryos

Limousin cattle are a breed of highly muscled beef cattle originating from the Limousin and Marche regions of France. The breed is known as Limousine in France. Limousins Initially used mainly as draft animals, interest in Limousins as a source of high-quality meat grew about 200 years ago

we can come to you

we have a fully enclosed aluminum trailer for delivery. 

Feeding twice daily with automatic timed feeders ensures consistent feeding, growth, size, and weight gain.

 Easy Auto Feeders in Fort Worth MAKE great ones.

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Since 1995

The Limousin blood line has always been a love and interest here at the Goss farm.

  We’ve had crossed breeds on our farm before, but there is just something about Limi’s that’s hard to beat.  Limousin cattle are full of highley lean muscle. The calves grow off better, faster, and have more muscling than most other breeds.  We still carry some of the older blood line cows today, but now we are getting into the best bloodlines in the world.   If your ever in the area and want to see some very fine cattle, feel free to call and stop by, we always have a cup of coffee brewing. 

New Herd Sire…. whisky infinity

Foxhill Jasper

Baby Calfs Fall 2019….

Foxhill Jasper Offspring

5 month old Wilodge Cerberus heifer.

A matriarch on a farm in the making.

Whiskey Infinity heifer calf.  Only 2 months old.  Amazing shape and muscle for her age.

Can You Say Beef?

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